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If you are going to sell your home the market conditions will play a crucial role in determining the asking price. The same hold true if you are a buyer. Market conditions change constantly, so it is essential that you get solid, up-to-date advice from a real estate professional who is familiar with your specific area. A good Realtor will know how quickly homes in your area are selling, and will be aware of the other factors that may influence the market conditions in the Valley area. For example, nearby commercial development, which may temporarily produce traffic congestion and noise, may also create a greater demand for housing from people who will be working in the new buildings. A new bus route that cuts commuting time could make your home more valuable, while busy highway traffic too close to your home can raise an issue with price. The economic conditions have a strong impact on the real estate market.A real estate professional such as myself can help you consider all the issues and assist you in setting a fair price for your home. I have lived in the Snoqualmie Valley for the last 46 years, having had my own business for 27 of those 44 years. I have a great feel for the pulse of our area and the changing conditions. I have been a real estate agent for the last 16 of those 46 years. If you are thinking of selling of buying a home in the near future, call me any time for professional advice and personal service.